4 Day Week

1 Feb 2023 Someone Borrowed by David John Wayne Bailey

Someone Borrowed

How much do you value your current job? Better yet: How much does your employer value you?

Employee wellness programmes like those offered by EOH Health provide valuable metrics with which to deliver a suitable answer. A range of factors are taken into consideration, from healthcare and financial concerns to emotional distress.

Despite these factors, it is the phrase attributed to the 4-Day Week Co-Founder, Charlotte Lockhart, that drives home a salient point: “you are only borrowing your people from their lives”.

For those of us fortunate to have a job, a third of our day is currently devoted to our respective workplaces. With the current lifespan in South Africa estimated to be just over 60 years, how much is a third of that worth?

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David-John Wayne Bailey is an INFJ from Cape Town, a proud pioneer pilot participant of 4 Day Week SA and an advocate of a four-day week for everyone working in South Africa.