4 Day Week

15 Feb 2023 4 Day Week SA For the Entrepreneurs by David-John Wayne Bailey

4 Day Week SA: For the Entrepreneurs

Does the South African government do enough to support its entrepreneurs? With a decade’s worth of experience in this challenging eco-system, I’ll reserve personal judgement, for now. Though I will share that having successfully completed five separate entrepreneurship programmes, there is little more than experience to show for it.

Government support coupled with a four-day week may have been able to save Linda Majola’s food truck. The entrepreneur, echoes the challenges faced by many of his ilk: “There are years of struggle that entail branding, marketing, establishing your costs and other external issues like inflation, theft and the load-shedding we’ve been experiencing.”

Even without government support, The Wife actor could have used an extra day off to map out a strategy to save the livelihoods of his three employees. The 4 Day Week SA pilot being pioneered in March, aims to give business owners like Majola, their time back.

Entrepreneurship is the driving force behind many economies and a four-day workweek expedites its positive impact. Adequate government support will go a long way in raising South Africa to compete evenly on the world stage.

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David-John Wayne Bailey is an INFJ from Cape Town, a proud pioneer pilot participant of 4 Day Week SA and an advocate of a four-day week for everyone working in South Africa.