4 Day Week

Why a Four-Day Workweek Won’t Work for Your Organisation

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While the four-day workweek may be a wonderful initiative, it may not be suitable for your organisation. A few local companies who joined the 4 Day Week SA have already extended their weekend by an extra day. However, it’s more than just a day off, isn’t it? It may also have raised some key issues […]

Family Dinner on a Four-Day Week

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To celebrate a notable event last week, I decided to pick up pizza and save my wife some cooking time. Two months into the 4 Day Week SA pilot programme and I’m becoming keenly aware of how my family spends their time. My wife and daughter both love pizza, the little one maybe more than […]

Customer Service on a Four-Day Week

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At the current rate, customer service in South Africa may soon have to be termed customer disservice. As an INFJ who is always keenly aware of the feelings of others, I think our front office staff deserve some time off. What else could explain the dismal service I have received this past quarter. In four […]

Work Time Reduction Benefits

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Work time reduction benefits employees and employers. Though there are pros and cons to consider, a shorter workweek has merit. Most employees would love to work less and earn more. There are also bosses who would save on company expenses if the workplace was intentionally shut down for a day. Let’s look at some of […]

An Ode to TBL

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I came across TBL or the triple bottom line principle a few years ago. TBL is an accounting framework that addresses three pillars to measure performance: social, environmental and financial. Fresh into my entrepreneurial journey I encountered a seasoned investor that sought to bring many entrepreneurs together under one umbrella. The investor’s vision of a […]

My Sister on a Four-Day Week

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My eldest sister worked a government job for about 10 years and would certainly have benefitted from a four-day workweek. Many would describe local government departments as hopelessly inept, but sometimes fail to take into account how overworked these employees are. My sister worked hard enough to be promoted several times in rapid succession only […]

My Mother on a Four-Day Week

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As involved as I am with advocating the future of work, I have to wonder what a four-day workweek would have meant for my mother. A woman who recently turned 60, birthed four kids and is still working. Traditionally, women have been designated as the nurturers by default. This may be true, but it also […]

Getting South Africans to Work

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Getting South Africans to work presents its own unique set of challenges. Gladiators from back in the day, is pretty much an accurate summary of the daily commute. While you may not have to run the gauntlet with Granite or Fire blocking your way, it can be even more intimidating. It’s 2023 and not much […]

Enjoyed the Days Off South Africa?

Enjoyed the Days Off South Africa by David-John Wayne Bailey

Your company may not have signed up for the 4 Day Week SA pilot, but you’ve already had two weeks with a day off. Be honest, how did it make you feel? Also, do you have any hot cross buns, pickled fish and Easter eggs left over? Whether you embraced a local tradition or spent […]

Transitioning From a 4 Day Week to a 3 Day Week

Transitioning from a 4 Day Week to a 3 Day Week

For Big Beard Web Solutions the shift from a 4 Day Week to a 3 Day Week was not that traumatic. At least no one died. However, it was significant enough for Founder and Managing Director, Nathan L Simons to set some ground rules after. It must also be stated that this was at a […]