4 Day Week

The Pros of 4 Day Week SA

The Pros of 4 Day Week SA

Big Beard Web Solutions is a proud pioneer. Relatively young, founded in 2020, I believe that the pilot will bring us closer to achieving work-life balance for all team members. This boundless optimism is backed by several factors.

When viewed through the lens of empathy, the 4 Day Week SA Pioneer Pilot can be seen as an employee-focused initiative. A day off in an already stressful week, is enough for an employee to reset and return to work feeling refreshed.

Employee wellbeing is a major factor, considering that staff form the lifeblood of every company in South Africa. The absence of a happy workforce makes for dismal outputs which is evident in metrics presented by retention scores, the prevalence of quiet quitting and employee burnout.

Employers who opted to have their companies join the pilot; all have the same thing in common. They’ve realized that the traditional model for work no longer applies and that a happy employee is a more productive employee.

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David-John Wayne Bailey is an INFJ from Cape Town, a proud pioneer pilot participant of 4 Day Week SA and an advocate of a four-day week for everyone working in South Africa.